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Why aren't future schedules for American Airlines showing up yet

Why aren't future schedules for American Airlines showing up yet?
hi thanks in advance for your answers :D Well i want to fly to the states alone from mid july till beginning september, from gatwick, London to raleigh durham, USA. I want to get my ticket NOW to avoid the huge costs that summer will bring if i book nearer the time. i like to do it over the internet, but at the moment it's saying that this flight i want to book does not exist. does anyone know how far in advance the flights will start to appear, like will it be next month or something? thanks i have entered 19th july to 1st september, LGW to RDU this year obviously, round trip, any time of day, and error message is 'Check below for errors : No flights were found. Try expanding your search by selecting alternate dates, class of service, airports, number of stops or including more carriers. Please check Where We Fly for airports we serve. '
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Was not able to find the non-stop flight either. There is a flight out of LHR but not sure if it is still available in the summer. Other flights going through chicago and things like that showed up. Also looked on Lowest flight was $1246 +tax with US Airways.
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As stated in the other post where you asked this question, AA no longer flies between LGW and RDU. This flight was moved to London Heathrow at the end of March, due to AA's discontinuation of service to and from London Gatwick.
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They will move the LGW - RDU flight to LHR. They will only have a Dallas DFW flight at LGW, but even that will eventually move to LHR. I posted below AA European flight schedule after March 31st. AA is trying to consolidate all its flights to LHR for better connections with BA for inter-continental European flights. This will also help them save costs on ticket counters, baggage handlers, lounges, etc.. Open Skies allowed them to do this. Before that treaties stated where they could fly out of and to. With Open Skies it is all open.

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