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airplane food & more survey

airplane food & more survey(:?
ill be flying for RDU [Raleigh Durham] to LHR [London Heathrow] this tuesday(: im flying AA, coach and just as a survey, tell me: 1. Whats the best airplane food you've ever had? Mine would have to be last year when i was flying from LaGuardia to Germany they had really good pesto chicken, rice soaked in broth, & steamed veggies. that one was DOWN RIGHT good food.(: 2. The worst? A few years ago, i had flown from O'hare to Zurich and they served either chicken pot pie that looked very unedible or some kind of stew. i chose the pot pie, it was horrible! 3. The best airline snack? The same flight to Germany last year, they served Haggen-Dasz ice cream. everyone had their own container & it was delicious! vanilla with chocolate chips(: [this was in coach too!] 4. The worst? Beleive it or not, i was flying Alitalia and they served these old carrots in a bag! the meals were good but the snacks, terrible. The carrots were browning. 5. The best airline seats? On the way back from Germany that same year, i got really lucky because i was in coach class & i was reading my magazine & suddenly a hostess came up and asked me if i would like to move up to first class at no cost. of course i went(; it was great! 6. The worst? i flew with delta and i got the very back seats of the plane in coach. they had ZERO reclining area, & NO room for my feet. [mind you i have VERY long legs but even for the average person it was too little] 7. The worst situation? i was coming back from Paris last year and i flew to Altanta & i had to get to Charlotte, NC. we got in the plane and the a/c did not work, AT ALL. everyone was sweating, the engine wouldnt start, kids were crying, a couple of people fainted, some thrw up. so they let up get out and they delayed the flight for 8 hrs. it was supposed to only be 2. so there i was, 2 in the morning & i was going to book a hotel but they finally called teh flight. it was still scorching though. AWFUL. 8. The best? the one to Germany, it was also on a Boeing 777 which has tvs in economy class(: [for each individual] Mergim!(: yeah im going on the BA. that would be amazing if i saw you. haha. same flightt. coach, business, or first? im in coach.
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1. The world's most incredible filet mignon on Air France flying to Paris. 2. I once had duck that was so overcooked, it had the consistency of cardboard. So needless to say, I send it back. 3. A sundae with the works I had flying to London. Or the bacon sandwich I had a few hours later =] 4. Warm champagne with mushy crackers. Also happened to be n Alitalia, which, by the way, should stand for 'Always Late In Takeoff And Late In Arrival.' 5. Air France - the flat beds are heavenly. I don't care what people say; I think they're more comfortable than every other Asian airline. 6. The world's tiniest seats on Bulgarian Air. 7. My connection from London onto Joburg cot cancelled, and I got to lounge around Heathrow for, oh, about 20 hours =/ 8. When I was flying to Paris (same flight as in #1) and I was just about to law down and sleep, when the passenger seated next to me (she was window, I was aisle) had to step over my legs (because I was all stretched out) and woke me up. I took off my eyeshades to see who it was, and it happened to be my best friend from work !
2 :
You just want answers to your survey? 1.It was some airplane food on Air Canada. It was a breakfast meal and the eggs and sausage was really good. The bread wasn't bad, but it was a little hard. 2. I don't think I have ever hated airplane meals... They all taste pretty much the same. But of course some airlines do feature specialties. 3. Air Canada served me a pouch of snacks over the Pacific. It was big and had lots of variety. The pretzels and "squares" were really good and I could not believe it when I was finished. 4. All airplane snacks I've received were pretty much the same. They;re not bad. 5. My flight was kinda empty, so I moved up into first class. The seat was about twice my width ( I was kinda small back then) and I had lots of fun twisting around! 6. There was this seat close to the bathroom and whenever someone used it it would wake me up. And if you looked out the window the sun reflected off the winglet and that made it impossible to look outside.Too bright! 7. My flight was delayed for over an hour. We weren't sure when it would come, so we waited. I was really hungry. 8. Airlines allow more people to book for one flight than the flight can actually accodomate. One time too many showed up for a flight. They were all economy class flyers. A flight attendant asked me if I wanted to move up to first class to make room for the extra passengers. I immediately said, "yes!" Does this help?
3 :
Ok, I deleted everything to make reading easier! Ok so! I am flying coach I found out you are also Is this your e-mail, I want to send you a message? I have, but no reply. See you in 20 something days :P
4 :
All the airline food and snacks were just ordinary to me. Its not bad, but it wasnt great. Some of the snacks i got were stuff that i normally get (like twix candy)

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