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Do we get our luggage at the airport where immigration is done even if we have connecting flight

Do we get our luggage at the airport where immigration is done even if we have connecting flight?
Here is my flight details-- Mumbai-Atlanta-Raleigh... Immigration takes place at Atlanta...Do I have to collect my luggage at Atlanta airport and go back to check in counter for my next flight which is after 2 hours?
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Yes and no. Chances are when you check in for your flight in Mumbai, they'll check your bags all the way through to Raleigh, but when you get to Atlanta, you'll have get your bags so they can be checked by customs. After you clear customs and immigration, you'll re-check them. it's pretty fast in an international terminal, your bags will already have tags on them, and you basically just put them on a conveyor and walk through another security checkpoint, then check in for your last flight at the gate.
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Yes, you go through Immigration and Customs at Atlanta. Exit the aircraft and go to Immigration. Baggage claim is just after passport control. Collect your bags (there are carts) and go to the Customs checkpoint. The Customs Officer almost always just collects the form and waves you through. A short distance past the Customs checkpoint is Interline Baggage. Give them your bags for transfer to the next flight. You will go through Security and then find your way to the gate for your next flight. Do check the time before you simply hand your bags to Interline Baggage. If there is less than 45 minutes before your next flight check with an airline representative as they may need to re-book you on another flight and re-tag your bags. . International flights arrive at E terminal in Atlanta and your flight to Raleigh will almost certainly depart from another terminal (A,B,C,or D). There is a very efficient subway for transportation between terminals (ATL is a very large airport). Hope you have a good flight!
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Hi! The above two answers are absolutely correct. I however feel the need to emphasize on a couple of things: If all your flights are booked on ONE ticket. Which means you have just one e-ticket confirmation number for all the flights, then when you check in at BOM, your luggage will be tagged all the way to Raleigh. However, even though it will be tagged, you will have to collect your bags at the port of entry into the United States. In this case it will be ATL. So after passing immigration, collect your bags from the belt. Pass customs. Then go find the Delta airline tranfer desk. (At this point remember, if you have just one ticket, you would probably have your boarding passes for the next flight which means you DO NOT need to check-in.) So if the line is long, don't waste your time standing to check in. They might just tell you drop your bag off and go. This is very common. After which your luggage will meet you directly at Raleigh. Now. Incase you have two tickets. Which means one is the Delta ticket that terminates at ATL, and then you have a completely different ticket for you Raleigh flight (which is with a new e-ticket reservation code) then, you will have to collect your bags at ATL, pass customs and check in at the airline's counter. This means you will get a boarding pass and that is when they will check your bags through to Raleigh. If you have any questions, let me know. Hope this helps.
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after you clear immigration , you collect your bags and then clear customs,after customs their will be check in desk to deposit your bag for raleigh, not too complicated . its breeze, don't worry

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