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International travel help

International travel help???????/?
I'm a first time flier AND it's international. I'm not sure about what to do when I get to the airport and the procedures. Is there anyone that could give me some advice on what to expect at the airport???? Also, i was wondering if I can take liquid foundation makeup with me on my trip... some people say that you can but it's limited??? I'm not sure! I'm traveling from Raleigh NC to Hamburg Germany to visit some friends on May 9-19 2011 Continental Airline There is a connecting flight from Raleigh to New York/Newark------ then New York/Newmark airport to Hamburg Germany. Connect time in New York/Newark, NJ to Hamburg, Germany is ONLY 55 minutes. IS THIS ENOUGH TIME TO GET ONTO THE OTHER PLANE??? I'm a little nervous about missing the connection! I'm sorry about all the questions but I have never done this before! =)
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OK! Don't panick, it will be easier once you've done it a couple of times... 1. You arrive at the airport and look for the check in desk 2. You show your ticket, passport and give your baggage (except your hand luggage). 3. You are given a list of items you are not meant to carry (e.g. liquids, sharp objects). 4. Look for the departures area where passport control is: Show your passport. 5. In the departures area look at the screens to find your gate. 6. Follow the signs to your departure gate and show your ticket to the airline assistant. 7. Board the airplane, where the flight attendant will direct you to your seat... 8. Upon arrival to your destination go to passport control 9. Follow signs to baggage reclaim and exit... 10. If you get confused ask or just follow everyone else. Good Luck! **You can take your liquid foundation makeup as long as its is not more than 100ml. *Connecting flights are not usually a problem. 55 minutes is more than sufficient... You will have to look at the screens and check your gate number and board the plane.

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