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Ok...I'm curious on exactly how standby tickets work.

Ok...I'm curious on exactly how standby tickets work.?
I want to fly out from Raleigh/Durham into Pennsylvania to surprise my boyfriend, but I really can't afford a plane ticket right this second. How does standby work? Does it work at all airports? Does it only work for direct flights?
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Pretty much when u buy a standby ticket, you will go to the airport,and wait to see if there are any availbale seats left, if so they go in the order of customers with stand by tickets. if there is no room, your goin back home baby.
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standby is only for people that already have paid tickets that want to take an earlier or later flight on the same day. the airlines usually charge them a small fee like $25. only travel agents (sometimes) and airline employees can fly standby without already having bought a ticket. so you can't just show up at the airport and pay $25 for a ticket, that's sooooo not happening.
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Airlines have done away with Stand-by travel. The only people that are allowed to stand-by are airline employee's, their spouses, children, parents and anyone using their buddy passes. The main reason stand-by has fallen by the wayside is because of the security measures in place. They are not gonna let people beyond security that are not ticketed and allowing too many people to stand-by allows too many people in the terminal that could be suspect. If that makes sense. If you are trying to find a cheap fare, it depends on where you want to go in Pennsylvania. There are several hubs in Pennsylvania. If you have a price range you are looking for, e-mail me and I will help you find what may be with-in or close to your means. Sign up for Travel Zoo and you will get alerts to fare sales.
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Most companies don't sell standby tickets anymore. The usual way to get them is to either be a dependant or employee of an airline, or to already have bought a full priced ticket and just wanting to change the day you fly. But here is how stand-by works. You have to ge to the airport at least an hour earlier than normal because they put your name down on a stand-by list which is first come first serve. While you wait, I suggest you go look around or bring a book to read or something to do. After they do all their upgrades, seat change requests, and board all the passengers with normal fare tickets for that day, they will start to call out the names of stand-by passengers. Here's the thing to be wary of: if the flight is full, you don't get a seat, so it's always best to call a day ahead and find out how full they expect the flight to be and to give them advance notice that you DO expect to go on the flight for that day. My husband is a pilot so whenever I fly, I fly stand-by. It isn't so bad when we fly throughout Europe, but it gets tricky to plan it when I come to visit my parents in America. Good luck.

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