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Help On Finding Cheap Flights

Help On Finding Cheap Flights?
Ok Im planning to go to Raleigh NC on May 15 and coming back to Chicago on May 17 its me and my one sister and 2 parents so its four of us. I checked last week and the ticket prices where 115 roundtrip now im checking and there 204!!! Do you guys suggest a certain time to look for tickets. I mean is there a certain day certain time of the day?? Please let me knw any tips u guys know of to save money on these tickets!! Thanks! ive tried orbitz cheapflights expedia and all those sites = ( too
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southwest can get you there for $114 each way per person Southwest Airlines Air Itinerary and Pricing Air Itinerary Trip Date Day Stops Routing Flight Routing Details Depart May 15 Fri Nonstop MDW-RDU 3598 Depart Chicago (MDW) at 10:15 AM Arrive in Raleigh (RDU) at 1:05 PM Return May 17 Sun Nonstop RDU-MDW 772 Depart Raleigh (RDU) at 2:05 PM Arrive in Chicago (MDW) at 3:05 PM Pricing Passenger Type Trip Routing Type of Fare Base Fare U.S. Taxes PFC Security Fee1 Passenger(s) Total Adult Depart MDW-RDU Wanna Get Away $106.05 $11.55 $4.50 $2.50 4 $498.40 Return RDU-MDW Wanna Get Away $106.05 $11.55 $4.50 $2.50 4 $498.40 Total $212.10 $23.10
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I think if you wait until like, a week before your trip (if it hasnt been booked up fully yet) the prices go down, not by a lot but enough.
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as per my own experience you should have to buy tickets usually on Monday and Tuesday,at these days airline tickets will cheap in fact try for your cheap travel deal.
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$158! Here's a link to 158 flights, just select the airline you want because most of them are non-stop &158.
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The price of an airline ticket is always changing. I would continue to check Southwest Airlines.
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I think its best if you actually use . I always used this site, and I just plug in my information and am able to locate tickets on a variety of sites. So you can go on and compare prices easily everyday.

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