Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who has the cheapest flights

Who has the cheapest flights?
I'm taking a flight to my friend's house in NC. She lives in Raleigh and I live in Milwaukee. I want a really cheap ticket! I'm talking less than $100. Please give me a link that can help me find the cheapest flight ever. i leave june 11 and come back june 17
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Hmmm for that flight at that price you better find a really big bird.
2 :
Any of the cheap flight sites can help you with that. I usually use orbitz.com for my flights. Usually, if you're not going directly through the airline itself, orbitz, expedia,etc. all offer the same flight. There might be a small difference in the total amount you'll pay, but nothing huge.
3 :
dude thats virtually impossible for somthing that low.
4 :
Neigther of those will be cheap. They are not "connection cities". I've only seen the cheap flights in the middle of the country. Chicago, and St Louis. I found flights that connect with Columbus, OH. It's about $25..... but you have to go by their scedual. Leave on Tuesday and return on Thues, or Tues the next week. Check it out.
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It really depends on when you want to leave.. i need dates. But i found for the next week http://www.kayak.com/s/flights.jsp?searchid=HclU7xlJ5d6aARqq8B9_&completed=true as cheap as: $ 178 with tax There is also southwest which is offering 49-99 dollar one way flights but i dont see milwaukee on there.
6 :
Try priceline.com, where you put the price and they try to make it up to it. Also Spirit is the cheapest I found for a ltrip from the Caribbean to Las Vegas. Subscribe to the airlines sites (It is free) and they will send you very nice specials. Airline tickets are cheaper if you travel on Tuedays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Sometimes even Mondays. The weekend gets more expensive. Flights with stops in some airports are cheaper that non-stop flights. Good Luck!
7 :
$183rt tax included http://www.midwestairlines.com I checked http://www.bookingbuddy.com for you, which checks Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, airlines direct, consolidators, aggregators, etc. etc., and they're all at least $183 (not sure how another answer said $178 because when I checked it using your dates, it's not there--it's $184). Midwest Air also has the advantage of being the only nonstop flight on this route.

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