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Marines Camp Lejeune, NC

Marines Camp Lejeune, NC?
I want to visit my finace cause im dying to see him. I usually book with Jet blue...but they have a flight for charlotte,NC. and and Raleigh is there any other..Im from NYC by the way, how else will I have to do to get there/ and i dont drive
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take continental or any company that provides faster aircraft, video chatting is pretty good too
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There is a small airport in Wilmington, NC---approx. 50 miles south of Lejeune. The town of Jacksonville, where Lejeune is at, has a dinky sized airport as well. Shoot for those two. If Jet Blue cannot get you where you need to go, then I suggest you find another Airliner. Another option is to go Greyhound. 'it's slow, but it will get you to Jacksonville. Good luck.
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check with the local Corp office in your area...they may be able to steer you toward some ideas. also, take a train ride...relaxing, refreshing, and less expensive. one thing to make sure....check with your fiancé before just up and taking off to see him. he may not be able to even get check his schedule pop-up surprise visits.
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The closest airport is Jacksonville, NC. You'll have to check which air carriers fly in to Jacksonville. From the airport you can take either a hotel shuttle, or pay for a taxi... or have him come out and pick you up.
5 :
us airways and delta are the only airlines that i know of that fly right into jacksonville. us air is usually the cheapest, but alot of times their flighs get delayed! once you get to the jacksonille airport, they have a bus that will take u to the base for just a few dollars.. alot cheaper than a cab!

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