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What's the safest airline to fly from US to Copenhagen

What's the safest airline to fly from US to Copenhagen?
I will be going to Copenhagen later on this year. I am traveling from Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Which is the safest airline to fly from the U.S. to Copenhagen? I don't have a problem with getting to another major airport (such as Atlanta, Chicago, New York, etc.) if there are no direct flights out of RDU to Copenhagen.
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You can take United air from RDU to IAD and SK (scandinavian) from IAd to CPH with one stop. Or you can take AIr france from JFk via Paris. Air france is cheaper than UA.
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There aren't any nonstop flights from RDU to Denmark (the only nonstop from RDU to Europe is American's daily flight to London with a big Boeing 777). I can highly recommend SAS. They fly from Newark, Dulles, Chicago (and Seattle, but the last one don't help much--that'd be going around your elbow to get to your, well, it's the long way around!). SAS are in cosy partnership with United via Star Alliance. Most flights to Copenhagen feed to one of SAS's gateways with United, then SAS handles the transatlantic portions. Delta connect you to CPH via ATL; Continental connect you there via Newark. I've flown 'em all (SAS just last month; Delta last year to CPH; Continental a few years ago)... and SAS is hands-down the best option. If you can get their "Economy Extra" it is well worth it--lots of extra luxury priced less than business class. (Note: Lufthansa does NOT operate flights from RDU; only nonstop to Europe is American with their flight to London--that's it currently. A later reply might have meant Charlotte, which do indeed have flights with Lufthansa to Germany--connecting to CPH via MUC, if you want to drive down to Charlotte).
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since lufthansa actually fly from RDU, i suggest u fly with them.. KLM sucks with passenger protection ( cancellations and delays compensation) i only fly lufthansa when i go to europe.. they're the best if u ask me.. never get aeroflot or alitalia flight..
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All of the major airlines are safe. Don't worry about that. I've flown to Europe dozens of times on American, United, Continental, Delta, US Airways, British, KLM, and a few that don't exist anymore, and I've never had any safety concerns. All of them meet US and European government standards. That being said, I suggest avoiding United Airlines because they are a customer service disaster if anything goes wrong. Continental is pretty good, but Newark is subject to severe delays. Allow yourself lots of connecting time if you use them. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has a connection through Washington that may be a good choice.
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I'd suggest flying British Airways- they have an excellent safety record, and I really like them- they're my first choice for international flights :)

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