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Car rentals in Raleigh, NC? HELP!!

Car rentals in Raleigh, NC? HELP!!?
Is there ANYWHERE in Raleigh, NC, or even in NC that will rent a car to someone under the age of 21? I live in Texas & by the time we drove our cars all the way to NC we may as well have flown! We have the money to fly, ready to book the flights & we have a huge problem! WE CANT FIND ANYONE TO RENT A CAR TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21!!! Were going to Camp Lejune in Jacksonville, NC to visit our best friend who's fixing to be deployed to Afgan. I REALLY do not want to drive, but if we absolutely have to I will. Someone please help!! & We have to rent a car if we fly, theres no if, ands, or buts about it! THANKS soooo much!
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enterprise rent a car
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With the companies like Avis, Budget, Hertz, etc you have to be 21 or over, unless you're active duty military on travel orders, or a govt employee on govt business. But you can try rent a wreck... they state that they require renters to be 18 or over in most places (although some may require age 25) Their closest locations to Raleigh are: Rent-A-Wreck of Sanford 1440 Tramway Rd. Sanford, NC 27331 66 miles View Map Rent-A-Wreck of Aberdeen/Pinehurst 200 N. Sandhills blvd. Aberdeen, NC 28315 68 miles View Map Rent-A-Wreck of Greensboro 4519 West Market St. Greensboro, NC 27407 The website is Hope this helps!

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