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If my plane trip has 2 stops but I don't change planes, is this a bad flight

If my plane trip has 2 stops but I don't change planes, is this a bad flight?
About how long are the stops usually if I'm not changing planes? The plane trip is supposed to be from Springfield, MO to New York, NY, but it has stops in St Louis, MO and Raleigh, NC. Leaves at 7:00 AM and supposed to arrive in New York at 1:05 PM. Is there a good chance it will be on time? I leave from New York to go to Rome at 5:20PM, so I'm hoping there won't be too much delay.
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Ground stops are typically 45-60 minutes. Naturally, the more often your plane makes stops, the more likely there will be delays. This website: lets you punch in your flight info and it will give you the historical performance of the flight you plan to take.
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you have left your self pretty tight for an international flight not horribly so. you should. Barring some insane weather yu should get in aroud the time you expect but you better hustle over to your Rome flight asap once landed.
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It's a very good flight considering the other options out of Springfield, MO. The total flight time of about 5 hours is quite short compared to other 1-stop connections, AND it gets you to New York in time for the international flight. Since you don't have that many options to choose from, this is really working out good for you. I believe Delta airlines should have a 1-stop itinerary (via Atlanta?) to JFK. Of course you'll want to take the same airline as the flight to Rome if possible.

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