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My first time traveling in big airport. I REALLY REALLY need help.pleaseee!

My first time traveling in big airport. I REALLY REALLY need help.pleaseee!?
I am going to be flying from RDU in Raleigh to Chicago O'hare for an overseas travel.It says that I need to take Terminal 3 to Terminal 5. Is it hard to find the place where you have to take the shuttle/train once you get off the flight?There is 1hours 5 minutes time between my flights.Can I make it? Also, there is chance of snow there the day I am leaving.Does that mean my flight will be delayed?
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Delays are common at O'hare, so don't panic if your flight arrives late. If you booked the whole trip at one sitting, they might even hold the plane a few minutes. Catching the shuttle could be tricky, but you can get directions and most of the time, they'll get you where you want to go just fine. Personally, I never took the shuttle because I found it easier to walk.
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First, I would highly recommend you check out this previously asked question, http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081120174439AAVC4X0 ; as it should help you with most of your question. Second, you really need to hope for fast feet and short security lines, not to mention an on-time arriving flight, because an 1 hour and 5min is not much time. If your arriving flight is on-time, the tram/shuttle doesn't take long (less than 5 min), and you rarely have to wait more than a few minutes for it. Security is another big variable, as you will go through it again in Terminal 5. I personally have not been in that particular security checkpoint, but http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/waittime.shtm is a good gauge, although the site seems to be under construction right now. Finally, delays in chicago? Doesn't take snow to do that. Sure less than perfect weather doesn't help anything, but as long as it is nothing too major its nothing the airport isn't used to. If I knew what day you are leaving I would be able to give you a better answer as far as the weather. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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There is a tram running between terminals at O'Hare aproximately every 5 to 7 minutes. You will have to leave the secure side of terminal 3 and board the tram to get to terminal 5 (international). You will see it when you exit terminal 3. It seems difficult, but it's actually quite simple. Ask a TSA person if you need help. I have worked in terminal 3 and the employees are quite friendly.
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Terminal 5 is the international terminal which is separate from the rest of OHare. It may be reached from the rest of the airport by using the ATS (airport transportation system, free). When you deplane, head toward the entrance of the airport and exit the secured area. Follow the signs that say Terminal 5, ATS and get on the it will direct you to the waiting area for the tram. It runs frequently. Once in Terminal 5 you will need to go through security again. People are helpful so if your not sure just stop and ask someone if you are heading in the right direction. The signs in OHare are pretty good so you shouldn't have much of a problem finding your way. An hour is enough time as long as nothing is delayed.

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