Friday, January 21, 2011

what do they serve on transatlantic flights

what do they serve on transatlantic flights?
im flying from raleigh durham to rome italy and was wondering what they serve for food on the planes
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in some times if u have private flight u get good foot i mean if u buy ticket ur self but if u are with some travel acensy u get some crappy sandwich or some think i ones got a peens and meat cube
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Depends what airline you are flying on. Maybe they will have a menu on their website. It's usually pretty basic stuff but some of it can be quite tasty.
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You will be fed breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on departure time. The food isn't great but not too bad as some will imply. On long-haul there's often multiple servings, also depending on departure time. Maybe breakfast-lunch or lunch-dinner. Since you're departing from the US I would just guess that you will have dinner on-board and breakfast before arrival.
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Tarak, at American Airlines' website ( they go into a lot of detail about business class and first class dinners, but nothing about economy. Over the years economy passengers have been served a dinner consisting of a small salad, a meat and vegetable, a roll and a piece of cake or pie for dessert. I worked for United and our flight kitchen at Laguardia made the most wonderful carrot cake. I obtained the recipe and still make it now, 20 years later. Regards, Dan

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