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Turbulence when taking off

Turbulence when taking off?
Last year, my mom and I where flying home from Raleigh, NC after visiting our relatives, and we were one of the last flights to leave because all the other flights had just been delayed because of a bad storm. When we took off, and got into the clouds the plane had really bad turbulence and it was shaking alot and everyone went quiet. It was one of those smaller regional jet planes because it was just a 1 hour flight from Raleigh to Toronto, ONT. I have heard that turbulence when a plane takes off is dangerous, is that true? Could it have crashed? It was a bad storm and even caused a tornado that day.
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First of all, I just want to say that air- travel is proven to be the safest travel today. An airplane is designed to withstand such tubulence. There is no chance of that airplane crashing with turbulence. If it was a hurricane, then maybe the plane would have crashed. Second of all, regional jets are much safer than super size jets. They are very agile. There was no chance of you craching.
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It can be, but its nothing to worry about. I fly frequently from Toronto Ontario to Atlanta Georgia and I usually fly on smaller jet planes. There can be frequent turbulence before or after a storm, or just when its windy. I have never heard of it being dangerous when the jet has the ok to take off. If it was a problem, then it wouldnt have taken off in the first place. There has been a few times when I experienced the same thing you have and was a bit worried, but we were assured everything was going to be ok and that it can be normal for that to happen.
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the most critical phase of flight is the first 3 minutes of take off and last 3 minutes during landing aircraft are designed to handle extreme turbulance there have been cases of planes turning upside down but the aircraft was able to recover the most dangerous part is being hurt by something that is not secured in the cabin such as an in aisle bar cart or food cart. wind sheer caused the crash of an aircraft in Dallas and is a very dangerous weather phenomenon that can occur.

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