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Things to do at smoky mountains.

Things to do at smoky mountains.?
Hi, My friends and I are planning to take a flight to Raleigh, NC and then drive down to the Smoky mountains for a weekend. We are planning this in the last week of July, is it a good time? What would be the "things to do" over there? Can we camp overnight - is it safe? Never camped before, so would be great if we could get some advice on camping there.
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My husband and I rented a cabin there and we loved it. Also, we went into Gatlingburg where there is tons of restaurants to choose from. I am sure there are campgrounds, but we didn't camp out. There are plenty of amusement parks. It's nice.
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Well, trust me, Raleigh and the surrounding areas will be hot ad humid but well worth it! But the Smokie Mountians will be nice and cool in the evening and should be beautiful. You can hike, check out the local shops, which their should be an abundance, site-see, look at the landmarks, and eat the local cuisine. You may think 'hick town food?' but it should be most excellent!
3 : this is a good informative site. You will love your trip . I am luck enough to live in the foot hills in Tennessee it is so beautiful and peaceful here.. Enjoy your trip and as for stuff to do.. There is all the nature hikes and stuff but there are also an amusement park (Dollywood) And Grinders Switch.. There is Gatlinburg with all kinds of entertainment..

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