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Do I have to re-check my luggage between a domestic and international flight

Do I have to re-check my luggage between a domestic and international flight?
I'm flying from Raleigh-Durham International to JFK in New York, then going on to Edinburgh. I have about 3 hours between flights. Will I have to get my luggage and re-check it, and if so, will 3 hours be long enough? I assume I would have to go through security again... Thanks!
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It depends on whether the flights are ticketed together on the same airline or airline alliance. If you bought them as a single flight, they will be, and you should be able to check your luggage all the way through to Edinburgh. If you bought the Raleigh-Durham to JFK leg separately from the JFK to Edinburgh leg, or if you bought them from some online shop that in turn bought them separately, then you will have to get them and recheck. To be sure call the airline. If you can check all the way to Edinburgh, you may not need to leave the secure area, and may just not have to go through security. All this said, 3 hours should be OK between flights, even with this.
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It depends on the air carrier. Southwest will not transfer baggage to any carrier other than their own. If you are flying on the major brands such as American, Delta, US Airways, etc just make sure you tell the ticket agent you want to check your baggage all the way. They will let you know if for some reason they are unable. Most likely you should be fine and see your bags in Europe :)
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no, you don't need to on your way out of the country, but you will on the return trip'll have to go through customs and then get your luggage, then re-check-in through's all pretty easy, just follow the lines....HAVE FUN!!!
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Your luggage will be checked all the way to Edinbugh and the airline will take care of transferring them to the connecting flight. At JFK, you may not need to go thru security again, unless you need to change terminal. Three hours is more than enough time nevertheless. Note, on your way back, you will need to pick up your luggage at JFK, to clear the US customs. Airlines have counters rigth after customs where you can drop your bags for your connecting flight to Raleigh.
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