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Flying alone for the first time...

Flying alone for the first time...?
So, I'm 17 and soon I'll be flying alone for the first time. I will be flying out of the Detroit-Metro airport, into RDU, in Raleigh NC. I'm reallyyyyy nervous, more so for my flight home. My flight there is nonstop, but on my way home I have a connection in Tennessee and i only have 40 minutes between landing and boarding my next plane. What should I do to make sure things go as smoothly as possible? Also, I have have a tiny fear of flying lol. It's not to bad, and I've flow a little in the past (once last year, and two other times in my life), but I don't want to freak out on the plane because this time I'm alone. Suggestions??
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Since I was about 15 years old I have flown alone, and it's really not too bad switching planes on a connecting flight. Only having 40 minutes just means you get lucky and won't have to sit around and wait forever in layover time. To go smoothly as possible, I suggest the least amount of luggage as possible, and as soon as you get off the plane, find a service desk and ask them exactly where your gate is for your connecting flight. Sit and wait at that gate until they start to board the plane, and have your ticket ready before time. For the fear part, try to bring a book with you and sit in the isle seats so you don't have to look out the windows. Hope everything goes well!

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