Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baggage charges on US Airways? Help!

Baggage charges on US Airways? Help!?
I am travelling next year to Raleigh Durham, NC from Manchester, UK and changing planes at Philadelphia, PA. I know that i do not have to pay baggage charges between Manchester and Philadelphia and back again. However, will i have to pay for my bags on my connecting flight or because I'm coming from Europe, I will be exempt from the charge? Thanks :)
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Actually, you may have to pay some amount of money for the second bag to/from Europe, I have heard. But usually, no-if you have a connection but are at some poiont traveling internationally, then the baggage rates from international travel are applied.
2 :
you shouldn't be change any fees because its the same trip you will of course have to reclaim at customs and then recheck them but since you haven't reached your final destinataition it should be okay now for the return to manchester then yes you might have to pay then
3 :
Flights booked after August 27th you pay $50 each way for 2nd check in bag, that is travel from Manchester

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