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Advice for First Time Flyer

Advice for First Time Flyer?
I'm going to be flying from the Raleigh-Durham airport to Pittsburg...the day before Thanksgiving. I'm absolutly terrified. I'm flying up there with my boyfriend but I have to fly back by myself the morning after thanksgiving. I already have horrible anxieties and I'm scared I'll either get lost, miss my flight, or do something stupid. Advice?
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Just relax and enjoy it. Flying is a great experience. Airports, especially somewhat major airports like pittsburgh and raleigh, have many signs, maps and personnel to help if your not sure where to go or what to do. One tip: since you are flying during this busy time, there are many delays, cancellations, and L O N G L I N E U P S , so make sure you arrive at the airport at least 3h before your scheduled departure, and have your tickets, valid id and all other needed documents ready before you check in.
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Just follow the signs. Airports are designed so that even the dumbest people alive can figure it out. Pittsburgh is a fairly sizeable airport but it is well laid out, just make sure you go down the right concourse.
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go to the airport one afternoon and just walk around and get over the fear of it. of course you can't get past security without a ticket to fly that day, but just stroll around and see what's it like. contact the airline and let them know you are a first time flyer, they will help you out. sometimes have a rep to meet you and show you to your flight.
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You are going one way with someone, so you will know what to expect atmosphere wise. Just don't hesitate to ask for help if need be. The most important thing is remember your passport!! Do not let it out of your sight out at all times. Without this you are going nowhere. You'd be suprised how many people i've come across working at the airport that are so nervouse they forget or misplace their passport.
5 :
Hey hunny, here is some advice on what the experience is like: The on board experience: Depending on what class you fly, if you fly with economy (the bog standard), you will get a rather small seat, a seat in front with a plastic fold down tray and a magazine holder. If you go on a long haul flights with a good airline, you will normally get a small T.V at the back of the seat. You will always be surrounded by many people! The flight attendants will regularly bring round drinks and a meal...normally not very yummy! our arm rest normally has a control to a music player and to the T.V. The windows are rather small and if you are on a night flight, the blinds come down, and so do all the lights on the plane, but low headlights come on so you can see where you are going. There are several toilets on the plane, at least 1 in each cabin, with a toilet, sink, good lighting and a mirror. Lots of airlines provide you with a little welcome package, which normally includes a drawstring bag, a toothbrush, hand wash and moisturizing wipes etc..children get colouring things and little toys. Flying can often get very boring, so make sure you have a bag..a rucksack or tote/handbag is ideal. Bring an iPod or music player, some good magazines, a book, game device such as a nintendo DS and a pocket mirror is always handy...and a hairbrush! :) You cannot bring liquids or gels onto the plane, and I'm not sure about the food. You can bring vaseline for lips and other lip balms too but you will be asked to put them in a clear sealed bag at the airport before boarding the plane. A few things I forgot, if you do not get your own personal TV, there will still be TVs in every cabin, and headphones will be provided, you may bring your own though. Movies will be shown on these TVs. At the beginning of each flight, before you take off, they usually go through safety precautions, and what to do in case of an emergency. But the case of an emergency is so unlikely. Air travel is the safest form of travel in the whole world,safer than your journey to the airport itself! ;) When you land, your ears often will pop, so the best way is to bring some candy or mint chewing gum to help prevent this. It happens to lots of people, but should have gone when you land. Good luck with your flight, have fun!

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