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Plane Flights to Brooklyn, NY

Plane Flights to Brooklyn, NY?!?!?!?
Ok, so I need to go to Brooklyn, NY for a concert on October 9th. I'm only 13 and I don't know much about plane flights. I need cheap tickets and quick! (The Airport we'd use is Raleigh-Durham, NC Airport)
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You'd probably want to fly into JFK Airport which is in Brooklyn although you can also fly into LaGuardia which is in Queens, if that gets you a better deal. Nonstop you can fly into JFK on AA, Delta and JetBlue. Into LaGuardia you can go nonstop on USAir, Delta or AA. You have tons of choices with a connecting flight. Now go to any one of dozens of travel search engines like,,, and more, and do your seaches and find your best itinerary and flight.
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sorry there is no airport in Brooklyn new york you would have to fly to either jfk or la guraida they are located in queens aslo you might have trouble because of your age new york has curfew laws you could try southwest but they might get sued because they already allowed minors to travel without their parent knowing about so they might have to change the rules
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There are a few separate issues involved in this question that all must be taken into consideration when giving you an answer: 1) Choosing the airport. As one of the answers correctly notes, there are no airports with commercial service in Brooklyn itself -- you would need to fly to one of the airports in New York that is outside of Brooklyn and then find transportation to Brooklyn from there. Both LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) are located in Queens. 2) Are you flying by yourself, or with an adult? If you're flying with an adult, then it really doesn't matter which airline you choose. If you're flying alone, though, you'll either need to choose an airline that allows a 13-year-old to fly by his or herself, or you're going to have to have a parent make arrangements for the unaccompanied minor service. In your instance, though, since you're only going to go to a concert, the unaccompanied minor service isn't going to work for you, because that requires a parent, relative, or other adult to sign for you when you reach New York. That being said, though, there are no airlines that fly nonstop between RDU and either LGA or JFK that would allow a 13-year-old to fly by themselves. The airlines that do allow 13-year-olds to fly alone that fly on this route -- Southwest, United, and AirTran -- both have connections along the way that you'd have to make. (The airlines that do have nonstops on these routes -- Delta, American, and JetBlue -- don't allow a 13-year-old to fly alone.) 3) Your definition of a "cheap" ticket is probably going to be less than what the airlines are charging for these flights. Because your options are essentially limited to those three airlines, and presumably, you're going to be wanting to fly there on the 9th and back on the 10th, you're looking at spending at least $300 for the round-trip ticket, and possibly more, depending on the timing. Waiting until the last minute to buy the ticket won't help, either -- airline pricing makes tickets more expensive as you get closer to the departure date, and with the return date on a Sunday, which is a high-demand travel day, flights may well sell out or become even harder to get, which only makes them more expensive. This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but as an aside to this question, I'm personally concerned about a 13-year-old who has little, if any, travel experience, going by themselves to New York for a concert (if, indeed, you're wanting to go alone). Personally, if you're intending to go by yourself, I don't think you should do it, if only because there's not going to be any way for you to get home the same day. (Airports close at night, and if your concert goes late enough, there won't be a flight home on the same day.) This would require you to get a hotel, but since hotels will not usually rent rooms to minors under the age of 18, you're essentially going to be violating curfew in wandering around without a place to stay. If you're insistent on going, you really should be working out these details with a parent, rather than asking the question here.
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The closest airport to Brooklyn is JFK International. JetBlue, Delta and American all operate non-stop flights from Raleigh-Durham into JFK. You can check out the airline's websites for ticket prices. Just know that to get the best price, you need to buy at least 14 days out. Otherwise the ticket prices do go up. Unfortunately you missed the 14 days. Hopefully you get lucky and the airlines are having a sale.
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book now!!! 2 weeks b4 domestic at least try searching

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