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Chicago airport.I really need help PLEASE!My first time traveling.

Chicago airport.I really need help PLEASE!My first time traveling.?
I am going to be flying from RDU in Raleigh to Chicago O'hare for an overseas travel.It says that I need to take Terminal 3 to Terminal 5. Is it hard to find the place where you have to take the shuttle/train once you get off the flight?There is 1hours 5 minutes time between my flights.Can I make it? Also, there is chance of snow there the day I am leaving.Does that mean my flight will be delayed?
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From the link below the travel time of 1 hour shouldn't be that hard to get from 3 to 5. If there is snow there probably is a chance of flights being delayed depending on how severe.
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You should be able to make it with time to spare. Terminal 5 is the international terminal at O'Hare. There are signs hanging from the ceilings that will direct you to the shuttle train. I have flown into & out of O'Hare 2 - 3 times each month for the last 3 years for work & personal travel. Depending on how much it snows if any you might be delayed. They are usually good about clearing the runways. You have to try a Chicago style hot dog while you are there. The Vienna Beef hot dogs are so much better than the Nathan's you get on the east coast. Jess, Have you ever flown into or out of O'Hare there is a shuttle train.
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THERE ARE NO SHUTTLES OR TRAINs in ohare. you just have to walk... and in my expirience it's a pretty long walk. if you are going international, an hour may not be enough time to go thru customs, but if you are going US to US flight you'll be fine. go to a place where you can see a bunch of TV's and double check the gate that your plan is taking off from- it is not always the same as what it should be- look at the signs that hang from the ceiling and that should direct you to were you need to go. print out a map from the airport online or take it from the magazine in the seat back pocket of your last flight in ohare, there always is a strong chance either plane will be delayed, overbooked or at a different gate than what your boarding pass will say

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