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I am not sure wich airplane I will be on with american airlines

I am not sure wich airplane I will be on with american airlines ?
I have a flight from london (LHR) to raleigh (RDU) and on my itinerary its writen that i will be on a boeing 777-200/300, so I am not sure wich one it is b777-200 or b777-300. Both of them have personal tv's don't they ? Oh yeah by the way, whar is a boeing 777-200ER (whats the ER) ? http://www.aa.com/aa/i18nForward.do?p=/aboutUs/ourPlanes/boeing777.jsp http://www.aa.com/aa/i18nForward.do?p=/aboutUs/ourPlanes/boeing777.jsp at seatguro.com you can see 2 b777 versions under eachother ! thanks in advance !!
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my brother works for Boeing building the planes....if the foods bad let me know and ill yell at him for you :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_777
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First of all - American Airlines does not operate 777-300s so you can eliminate them from your worries. The reason as to why there are two different configurations is that for trans-atlantic flying the aircraft need to be configurated differently than trans-pacific flying. More than likely you will be flying on configuration 2. Either way, unless you are seated in first or business classes, your seat assignment is going to be the same.
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ER = extended range http://www.airplanes.se
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Either 777 is great news. btw, 'ER' is Extra range. Its a new variant to the model that they created
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The only difference between those two planes is that configuration 2 has the bad first class seats and configuration 1 has the better ones. If your travelling in Business or Economy class it wont make a difference. ER means extended range so the plane can fly farther than a non-ER model. AA doesn't operate the 777-300 and no American Airline does, its probably just a computer glitch.

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