Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where can I get the best deals on airfare to NYC

Where can I get the best deals on airfare to NYC?
I will be traveling back and forth between Raleigh/Durham, NC and New York at least once a month. I'm looking for some GOOD deals on airfare. I would prefer flying into LGA as opposed to JFK. What sites (besides the wellknown ones, travelocity/priceline etc) do you all use for finding super bargain on flights :)
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I prefer a travel agency. I always buy my tickets in a travel agency in Chinatown. I recommend Fei Yang Travel. It is located at 195 Canal St. #203 I always get good deals there + the people are really friendly helping you find the best deals around.
2 :
The link below will be very helpful. You get cheap flights to and from New York City. Good luck and happy travels Native New Yorker
3 :
Well if you party with me when you get here maybe I will help you with your hotel bill..give it some thought...bye.

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