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Scary Plane Rides

Scary Plane Rides?
i'm going from Raleigh, NC to Sacramento, Ca. I hate turbulence and I hate plane take-offs. I may or may not be traveling with a child. If I don't it'll just be me. How do I get through these flights. My lay over is in Atlanta, Ga. I'm 20 yrs old
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to be honest, the only thing you can do is try to sit through the ride and sleep as much as you can
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If you are traveling without a child ask your Dr for a sedative like Valium. If you are traveling with a child and it is only the two of you, you will have to suck it up. You can't be all doped up and be responsible for a child!
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I'm having almoost the same problem except im 13 going alone. They say take stuff to entertain or occupy you. have a safe trip.
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Bring an iPod or MP3 player if you're traveling by yourself. Try to relax - I find that if I'm tensed up during a flight, it makes turbulence worse. If you stay relaxed, somehow it doesn't seem so bad. If you do travel with a child, bring coloring/activity books and maybe UNO cards - look for other travel games as well. Try to interact with him/her and make sure he/she is entertained during the flight. If turbulence does arise, try to stay as calm as possible and reassure him/her that it's just a "bump in the air" and that it'll be over soon. You'll be so busy trying to keep the child occupied that you'll forget about yourself. Also, don't forget to have chewing gum on hand. :) Hope that helps!
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I have flown my entire life and all of a sudden last year...for no reason, I had a full blown panic attack while flying home from Vegas. I found His info. helped me so much. You have a better chance of being struck by lightening than being in a plane crash. Think of turbulance as waves on a boat...same thing... The pilots have to do thorough checks before taking off...they don't want to crash either...they wouldn't take off if they suspected something wrong... Also, ask your doctor to give you an anxiety med... helps me...

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