Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can't Print Boarding Passes

Can't Print Boarding Passes?
I'm buying a ticket for a friend to come to Raleigh Airport from Birmingham International Airport in Birmingham, UK. He has access to a computer, but no access to a printer. If he checks in online, but is unable to print out his boarding passes, can he still board the flight? If he were to present his Passport at the Check-In desk, could they print his boarding passes there?
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1 :
they will print him out his boarding pass when he checks his luggage. as long as he checks in (w/out the printing even) he should be good to go (as long as he goes to the check bag counter)
2 :
If their is a kiosk at the airport for the airline he is flying on, he should be able to re-print the boarding pass there. I work for an airline and that's exactly how our kiosks work. If no kiosk, then he can get a boarding pass from the counter agent by presenting a valid ID.
3 :
If he doesn't have access to a printer, then there is really no point in checking in online. Just have him do it at the airport. Most airlines now have kiosks where you can check in (even if checking bags). If there aren't kiosks, then he will have to go to the counter. So long as he has ID, he will be able to check in.

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