Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is this good? 1-10 what needs to be changed NEED FAST AWNSERS!

Is this good? 1-10 what needs to be changed NEED FAST AWNSERS!?
Dear Journal, I just touched down on the runway in North Carolina. I just came 752 miles from Augusta, Maine. The Capitol of North Carolina is Raleigh. There are more people here than in Maine but less than in Albany. When you go to North Carolina it has two main parts, the east and the west. The west is mostly mountains. The east is where the beaches are. In the east there is less snow than the west and there are lots of sights to see, I canĂ¢€™t wait to start exploring! For my first day I choose to go to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Did you know that the Wright Brothers National Memorial is one of 390 in the national park system? The Wright Brothers names are Wilbur and Orville. The National Memorial is located in Kitty Hawk, Which is where the first flight happened. When I went here I ws wearing a heavy coat and sometimes thin gloves and a hat. Next day I went to Adventure Beach Airsoft/Paintball. I brought along my airsoft gun. The match was about 3 hours long our team ended winning it was lots of fun. I got a little scrape when I dove behind a bunker when I was under heavy fire. I next went to Holden Beach. Holden Beach is a town and the population is 787. This beach is mostly a family beach but it was a good tie just to kick back and relax. The next day I went on a Triangle Segway Tour. My tour was a fully narrated tour. We got instruction on how to work it and we got a helmet. We got this cool device that I could hear my guide, it was like little pack and it was electric. The tour was 2 hours long and we went around the town of Raleigh witch is the capital of North Carolina. We learned about the history of mostly Raleigh but some other facts of North Carolina. Now I have to leave im sad. When I was at Holden Beach I bought a little bottle of sand that said North Carolina. Next I have to go to Michigan witch is 573 away. This is for a big project so i need awnsers fast due tommrow
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