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How do I purchase a car in a different state

How do I purchase a car in a different state?
I'm buying a 350Z. It's located in North Carolina, I live in New Jersey. The question I have is how could I go to check it out? If I take a flight, I don't want to have to drive back, so I would take a round-trip flight and have the seller ship it. Is this a "smart idea" or should I drive it back or have it shipped using a transport company? How could I transport this car? Any suggested transport companies because I tried Fed Ex auto transport and they are quoting me $853.00. I think that's a lot. The car is getting picked up in Raleigh, NC. And will be delivered to Marlboro, NJ. The seller is an individual, how could I be safe and not buy a lemon? I know this is a long question but the best answerer will get 10 pts.
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go thru used car dlr in nj/get dlr plate and reg/give dlr a fee/and drive it back/make sure you know what you are doing when you check out car
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There are companies that will go and evaluate the car and send you a report of their inspection. But you could expect to pay a couple of hundred bucks for that. If I were you and you are pretty sure you want the car, I would plan to drive it back. It would be a lot cheaper than shipping it & a great way to get to know your new car.
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If you really like the car and would to drive it back, then you can get a one-way rental from any car-rental company like, Avis, Hertz ...

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