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How are airplanes like? Are they scary

How are airplanes like? Are they scary?
Hi. I am using my cousin's account. I am 10 years old and have never ridden an airplane before. I will be riding one next week. Heights don't bother me, but I think very negative. I will always think about gas tanks exploding while on flight or the plane will have a failure and we will fall 40,000 feet from the air and die. I have the incident on July 17, 1996 when a plane fell in the ocean on the way to France and everybody died in my mind. Can you please tell me about the chances of this happening and are plane rides safe? Are they fun? I am open to all comments. Thank you. (I will be flying from San Francisco, CA to Raleigh, NC next week so please answer fast.)
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you are safer in a plane than a car, landing and take off are fantastic, you will soon be hooked
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Dont worry about flying. Its GREAT! People only get nervous if they are nervous travelers anyway. There is nothing to be worried about. All you see is clouds below you and it feels like you are in heaven. Plus air cabin crew make you forget about it. your plane wont crash. I use to be thinking the same, but think of it, Car crashes are so common that they can't put them ALL on the news. When a plane crashes it goes all over the world because it is not common and is soooo unlikely. you are safe dont worry!
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Dont worry dude. Im only 14. I always look forward to riding in a plane. I take flights from Houston to the Philippines and its a 20+ hour flight. I always record landing and takeoff on my digicam and post it on youtube.
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Hello. It is not scary at all. I've been flying on airplanes since I was less than 1 years old. To be honest, I feel much safer on an airplane than I am on land. Once the airplane starts taking off, your ears will feel funny. That is totally normal. Just chew on a gum or hum. It'll make it better. Also, you might experience turbulance. It kinda feels like being on a rocky roller coaster. The pilot will have you put on your seatbelt. It usually lasts for about one or more minutes. But since your flight will be short (probably less than 3 hours), the flight will go by very fast. So don't worry. It may feel scary the first time, but you will find it fun after. Enjoy your flight and trip!

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