Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What is a good airline with nonstop flights to go to New York

What is a good airline with nonstop flights to go to New York?
I will be flying out of RDU (Raleigh, NC) in December to go into LaGuardia in NY. What is a safe, reliable airline with nonstop flights that I should choose? Price is flexible since we will be flying coach. I have looked into American Airlines.
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Continental, US Airways, Delta, and American all offer direct flights from Raleigh to NY. Continental flies into Newark. The rest fly into LaGuardia. Hope I helped! Oh, BTW I think US Airways is the best out of those airlines, but I would just go with whatever's cheapest because they're all very good airlines.
2 :
well your only choices are American, US, and Delta. I would recommend American for sure. It has always been nicer in my opinion, and the Delta crew at LGA tends to be very over worked with little time if you would have a problem. hope this helps
3 :
The airlines that fly between RDU and LGA are pretty much the same and so is the service. I would fly the airline with the best price and/or most convenient flight time. I would suggest JetBlue but they fly into JFK.

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