Saturday, August 21, 2010

What cheese was served on Midway Airlines

What cheese was served on Midway Airlines?
Used to travel on Midway Airlines between West Palm, Raleigh-Durham, and New York, and on these flights we'd be given a snack pack with crackers and cheese. I've been trying to track down the brand of cheese for years with no luck, so I'm hoping a fellow traveler might remember! It was a soft, white cheese, always in a small triangle package. Unfortunately I don't know much else about it, other than that it was a fantastic cheese for flying coach! Thanks all! Thanks for that quick answer! Was it any specific variation or flavor? Or just the plain swiss? This was from between 1996-1999. Thanks again!
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laughing cow
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Sorry I'm not sure. They've started to charge for everthing nowadays. Laughing cow sounds right to me
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