Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is this possible for booking a flight

Is this possible for booking a flight?
Well I am going to Indiana this spring break to see my cousin. I live in North Carolina. & we have to drive to Raleigh which is 3 hours away to go to the air port. & I have friends that are going to myrtle beach for spring break which is also 3 hours away. Do you think that it would be possible to book a round trip flight, but me leaving from NC, to Indiana, & then instead of going back to NC going to South Carolina to Myrtle beach? & then my boyfriend would pick me up from myrtle beach. But is that possible? & if it is would it cost more then just a plan trip from NC to IN, then back to NC? or would it be pretty much equal in cost?
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It would be similar in cost if the airline you would be using also flies to Myrtle Beach. Getting your parents to agree with it is another matter.
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It's certainly possible, and I've made trips like that several times. But it has always been more expensive than just booking a regular round-trip ticket.

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