Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wake County Public School System, Black Children, and the NAACP

Wake County Public School System, Black Children, and the NAACP?
I now its long, but its well worth ready and commenting on. Lets look at the city’s problems: 1.) GANGS!!!! Raleigh Police Chief Harry Dolan said the city has a "significant" gang problem that requires a community response. Forced bussing has influenced many young Africa descent males into gangs. (Don’t bring up racism, recall the gang brawl on a Saturday night inside Triangle Town Center that involved as many as 300 young blacks. A 15-year-old was stabbed, and a police officer injured!) These 10 to 16 year olds would of never been involved in such behavior if it was not for others being bused miles from other parts of the city into their own and influenced these students. A child gets sent all over the county to go to school and feels unsafe because they're away from their home turf and don't know anyone, so they join a gang for protection. 2.) OVERCROWDING! Look at Wakefield. Every football field and soccer field is covered in classroom trailers. After school programs are needed to keep children away from crime, to build character, and sadly…bad parents. Yes bad parents, ones that are in gangs, doing/selling drugs, in jail, or to rich to care. Only the best of the students are on the basketball and football teams. What about the thousands of others that are looking to be apart of something? NOTHING! (Sadly Gangs allow these students to be apart of something that others look up to.) 3.) “GOOD SCHOOLS” what Wake County parents don’t know… When a school is under performing what happens? Bring in better teachers? Start after school programs? NOPE! They bus good achieving students to that school and bus the uneducated students to a better school. This does nothing to help the student but it sure does make the school look better on paper. Just BS! 5.) DRUGS: Wake County has almost ended drug searches in the schools because if the students don’t get caught with drugs on the school ground. The school “does not have a drug problem” on paper. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Bring the drug searches back into the schools! Once Wake County goes back to neighborhood schools. Hopefully the drugs will become more localized and the police can fix the problem schools one by one. 4.) “BROKEN WINDOW THEORY” Look this up online but…This theory suggests that a disorderly environment sends a message that no one is in charge, thus increasing fear, weakening community controls, and inviting criminal behavior. It further maintains that stopping minor offenses and restoring greater order can prevent serious crime. In traditional policing, they go from call to call, and that is it. Raleigh police is under paid and over worked. This practice of cleaning up Raleigh needs to be down ASAP. Remove the graffiti the next day to prevent others from doing it and send out a strong message to these children that we don’t put up with it. It will better our communities as a whole. 5.) Homes and neighborhoods would become more valuable because they have neighborhood schools with local children. Local children have pride in their school, classmates, teachers, and community. How do you expect a student to have pride and join groups like student government to better the school and community when they live so far away? They don't and join groups like gangs to feel that pride. 6.) Many black children simply don’t want to study and see being educated as “acting white“ or called “Gay“ by their black peers. These students generally come from single-parent families who impose no discipline. These students are allowed to disrupt and terrorize schools by politically correct school boards afraid of civil rights lawyers and racist groups like the NAACP. For that reason, most large cities like Wake County have seen “white flight.” White flight is where wealthier families move to suburbs to escape the public school systems of large cities....This is the start of the Broken Window Theory. (as stated before) Once the wealthy educated students and families move out, the schools will continuing to go down hill from there. Stop wasting money and time on the failed politically correct school board and city. The truth must be accepted. Of course, every school must be equal in talent levels of teaching staff and materials on hand. By following these suggestions, we can stop pretending that more money will solve the problem. Political correctness is a lie and many cities are starting to admit the obvious after wasting 40 years and billions of dollars. 7.)Take the millions of wasted money on forced bussing and place it into a newer, cleaner CAT city bus program that is strongly needed in Wake County, after school programs, The Raleigh Police to clean up the city’s gang problem, and Vocational Classes. Face the fact that every student will not go to college and having a skill trade and making money is better than having a drop out and living the life of crime. Whats your thoughts?
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My thoughts? I am glad I live in a rural NC County with great schools instead of one of the big city counties with socially engineered schools. We don't have much money but we get results.
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I believe that you do not have children in Wake County schools and that you're basing your opinions on 2nd hand information.

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