Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WWE Ends A Long Tour - WWE Talents Very Tired

WWE Ends A Long Tour - WWE Talents Very Tired?
-- The Miz tweeted today that he is taking a 14 hour plane ride from Qatar to Raleigh, NC (where RAW is being held tomorrow). That will conclude a long tour for the RAW crew. The SmackDown! crew finishes their long tour in Lyon, France today. They will have a long plane ride to North Carolina as well. All WWE talents are expected to be in Raleigh tomorrow for the WWE draft. Most WWE talents are currently sleeping on the long flight.
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1 :
Expect plenty of botches tomorrow then...
2 :
Yes, I already know that WWE talent is extremely tired and that their plane ride is very long. You think that is long my husband is from Sweden and he had to travel over 20 hours from Sweden to MI when he first came to America.
3 :
I don't mean to be rude but what's the question? Yea anyone would be tired taking a 14 hr plane ride. That's the business though.
4 :
The money is worth it.
5 :
How is this relevant to anything.. I think everyone knows that they are exhausted fromk the europa tour.. It sucks more for the Smackdown crew, they are flying to USA today and have to be on Raw tonight and show up Smackdown tomorrow... Atleast the Raw crew has this day off and can just rest, while the Smackdown guys are flying all day.

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