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When they say when you book a flight somewhere and it has muliple stops, what does that mean exactly

When they say when you book a flight somewhere and it has muliple stops, what does that mean exactly?
I want to book a flight from Raleigh to Roanoke and it says that it has 2 stops. Does that mean that I would get off the plane and get on another like you would a bus or would I just stop and let other passengers onboard?
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Usually you have to get off the plane and board another one. They forward your luggage automatically. Ask the ticket agent, or the call the airline you booked with and ask them.
2 :
often you get off the plane, even if you get back on the same one, if you are changing planes, it should be listed as a flight change,,,, or changeover,,,,, or something along that line,,,,,, if it doesnt list another flight,,, say from the stop to the next stop, or the stop to Roanoke,,,,,,,, then i would think you would be staying with the same plane, but that is alot of stops for that small of a distance, is that the only flight available to you ?
3 :
You would get off that plane, and go to your next one. Just check your flight numbers, and check the arrival/departure screen, and you are all set.
4 :
It stops in two places. Check the information, if the Flight number is the same, then the plane is just stopping to drop passengers. If the flight number changes, it means you have to get off the plain and go to another gate and take another plane. (in this case, verify that there is a luggage agreement between both, which means you don't have to pick up your luggage and check it out for the other one). Have a nice flight!
5 :
It means the plane stops at one place:to refuel let a, couple of the passengers out(that's their final destination), or pick up more people going to the same place your going. At most airlines you get off the plane wait at the airport because you only get like 2 hrs before the plane leaves again. Then sometimes you get back on the same plane or another plane. Your boarding pass is helpful and asking the stewards or stewardess in case you get confused is also helpful.
6 :
it means either, you would more likely have to get off the plane and wait 45 minutes to an hour or so and oard another plane, it is a lower chance to let passengers off the plane and more back on.
7 :
Is the flight number the same from the time you leave Raleigh until the time you arrive in Roanoke? If it is then you do not change planes. If the flight only has multiple stops it is called a 'direct' flight and you stay on board while the local passengers deplane and they board another group to the next destination. If your itinerary has a city that is a 'connection' city with another flight number listed then you get off and board another aircraft.
8 :
You should be able to better tell from your itenerary that they gave you. It probably means that the plane will stop twice and you will take the same plane. You can get off the plane if you want, and that's not such a bad idea... However, if the flight number changes, then that means the plane changes and you will have to change planes. Two stops between Raleigh, NC and Roanoke, VA? It seemed odd, but when I went to Expedia, I saw that YEAH that's very likely! United has a one-stop flight... On that particular journey, it looks to me like you will be changing planes both times, so you'll need to get off one plane and on to another--even possibly changing airlines.

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