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how much money will i spend if i drive from....

how much money will i spend if i drive from....?
from Miami, Florida to Raleigh , North Carolina. i was looking at prices on flights but they seemed expenisve so i was wondering how much will it cost to drive. if ur wondering what car its a mitsubishi outlander 2005 44k miles on it.
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go to it has a cost for driving calculator
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Miami to Raleigh is 800 miles. Mapquest says you can do it in 12 hours. If your vehicle get 20 mpg,I guess low on purpose, Mapquest says you will spend 110 bucks. So, 220 round trip for fuel, assuming you don't stop at a motel(you shouldn't need to.). Plus, when you get there, you will have your own car to go do stuff in, witch is always a bonus. If you can do a 12 hour drive up and 12 back, go for it. I have made the Miami to Indianapolis runs several times, it's 18 hours, and I never stop
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the last guy that answered might be super driver and may have a relief tube in the driver's seat, but lets get real. 750 miles is a hell of a lot of driving to do. average 50mph. it will take 15 hours. this includes time for things such as food, fuel, and potty breaks. if you take the following route yahoo maps says the distance is 750 miles: I-95 TO I-26 TO I-77 on in to charlotte. kelly blue book says your vehicle will get 24mpg so you will prolly need 60 to 70 gallons of fuel for the round trip. and if gas is averaging $2.50 a gallon you will probably need $150 to $175 for fuel.

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