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living in raleigh or charolette

living in raleigh or charolette?
I am visiting Raleigh area now but not sure it is for me. An issue is that many homes are near trains,flight path, landfills,etc and this is in areas of North Raleigh,Cary, etc. I have not been to Charolette but was wondering how that area is in terms of this? Also I would be relocating from Boca Raton which is an upscale area and though I am not a fan of the attitudes I am looking for an upscale area. Also mild temps cause that is part of why I am wanting to leave FL cause the 7 months of humid/heat but can't tolerate too much winter either. Asheville I heard was nice but it gets more snow then Raleigh .Can anyone give me feedback on an area that may fit what I am looking for? Thank you
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There are plenty of areas in Raleigh away from the flight path of RDU, and there is very little train traffic in general. And I only know of the landfills near Durant Park. If those are your main concerns about Raleigh or Cary, I strongly suggest you get yourself a new realtor.
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You might like Charlotte better, at least "uptown" (that's what they call downtown). Flight paths would not bother you there and it's pretty upscale, at least as far as I can tell (I've never been to Boca Raton so I can't compare the two). There's not much difference in the climate between Charlotte and Raleigh. Both offer mild winters, usually, and probably less humidity than Florida, although it can get bad in the summer. Other than Uptown, there are plenty of upscale suburban neighborhoods to the southeast and right across the state line in SC, e.g. Fort Mill. Raleigh tends to be ranked highly in terms of job opportunities and economic growth. And even though I'm partial to Charlotte, I do like Cary and Wake Forest.

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