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How much money is it to go from UK to NC

How much money is it to go from UK to NC?
My friend lives in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire (UK) and I'm trying to find out the price for her to come from there to Raleigh, NC. Do you know where I could find out the prices to go from the UK to NC by flight and/or ship? (It'll be best if the prices are in pounds, because I don't know what the currency for the US is in pounds.) The airports she said that's probably best is in Essex or maybe London. It'll be nice to go to a website where i dont have to enter a specific date for flights or searching for flights in general. Just the price. The flight would be a round trip, btw.
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London - New york is around £300.... Could be a little more to go to NC as it's not as common...
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I've been searching for the price to go from where I live, (a couple hundred miles from Raleigh, NC) and it would be well over 500 pounds to go from US to UK. I say that because it will cost me over $1,000 and I would have to fly to KNoxville,Tn, Then Boston, MA, then to Edinburg. Hope it helps
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i am not sure where you can find the best rates for flights or ships but if you need to convert any currency..this is a really good website to go to

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