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Good flight schools near NC State University

Good flight schools near NC State University?
I'm *hoping* on going there for college and plan on getting my pilot's license (Private at first then upgrading to Commercial and finally IFR). Are there any good flight schools in the area? I'd rather not fly out of Raleigh/Durham (KRDU), but it's ok if I do. Also, how good is the school and how much do they charge per hour?
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There are several around, ATP has a school at KRDU (expensive but a good school) For more check with Pilot Journey or AOPA Learn to Fly - schools index Smaller airports near the area will be less expensive than KRDU
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I recommend you get your Instrument rating before the Commercial. A comm ticket with out instrument privileges is all but worthless unless you want to tow banners and such. Ahem....I instruct out of RDU. I dont have a "formal" flight school . I do have a hangar with a Piper Cherokee and a Piper Seminole. I offer Primary (Private),Instrument rating, Commercial pilot and ME (Multi Engine) training. I also have a "formal" classroom ground school. There is a large flying club with multiple Flight instructors 20 miles sw of Raleigh (KTTA) They have a stellar reputation in the area both among the pilot/instructor community and by the FAASTEAM members as well. ATP At RDU is geared for those that want to fast track to fly for a living. (most have aspirations of flying for a airliner). They serve a purpose and their Flight Instruction is top notch, but you will p$y for it. They are VERY expensive compared to other flight instruction in the area. Another option is FlightGest at RDU, they are also on the pricey side. Feel free to email me. I know several options I would be glad to help. Added: NC State does not offer any sort of aviation program.
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Check with NC State. They probably have one on site. It would be listed under the School of Aviation. I got my PPL while at Auburn University through their school.

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