Saturday, November 14, 2009

What is the Cheapest flight to Eugene Oregon

What is the Cheapest flight to Eugene Oregon?
I am in North Carolina and I need to find the cheapest plane ticket from either Charlotte or Raleigh to Eugene, Oregon the last week of July. Thanks
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Most likely going directly with the airline will be the cheapest option. Don't book your ticket through or - they don't have any cheaper fares than the airline directly and they also charge a "booking fee" so it's no better than the airline's website.
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Try "YTB Travel - Amazing Tours and Travel"
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Cheapest I see to EUG is $337 from both CLT and RDU (American and Northwest). If you were going to rent a car anyway, then fares to PDX (Portland) are about $100 cheaper (Delta). Best to book direct from the airline to avoid additional booking fees.
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You can try you might land up with some real cheap fares.... They also comes with the Low Fare Guarantee All the best... pal

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