Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Can This Be Possible

How Can This Be Possible?
Are there really direct flights from Raleigh, NC to Sacramento, Ca at this price or is yanking my chain. The flight leave September 4th and gets all the way across the country in just 4 hours with no layovers. Is this possible? Here's a link to the flight itnerary:;jsessionid=404AEEEBE586D5A5B131D9CA40FF0AFF.p0713?Service=TRAVELOCITY&SID=T0069001834279822320003411006257382352&fromBff=Y&req_dep_arp_cd=RDU&req_arr_arp_cd=SMF&req_pref_aln_cd=&req_pax_type=1ADT&req_trip_type=oneway&req_multicity_pairs=RDU|SMF&adults=1&children=0&seniors=0&airportCtryCodes=RDU|US:SMF|US&basefare=97.67&taxes=21.33&totalfare=119.00&servicefee=7.00&currency=USD&eticket=Y&origTotalFare=126.00
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1 :
honey, take the offer! just do it!
2 :
Yes that is a valid price and I would buy it immediately. It's not EXACTLY direct, it has one stop, but no plane change. Buy it quickly!
3 :
Go onto Delta's website and look at the same flight, Delta has it as a 7 hour 8 minute flight, not sure what happened on Travelocity but thats not the correct flight length. As the person above said it does make a quick stop but you do not deplane. Also remember the time change. Heres the Delta Airline link:,&deptAirportFilter=null&arrAirportFilter=null
4 :
Look again. Four hours? No: Total Travel Time: 8 hrs 3 mins No "layovers"? Direct flight? No: 1 Stop รข€“ change planes in Atlanta, GA (ATL) Connection Time: 1 hr 43 mins It IS a good price, though.

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