Saturday, August 23, 2014

NC-Sen: Thom Tillis (R) To Constituents, "It’s my way or no highway"

NC-Sen: Thom Tillis (R) To Constituents, "It’s my way or no highway"

Oh, there will be new lanes all right, but to use them drivers will pay tolls to a foreign developer. What Raleigh saves today, Tillis’ neighbors will pay out of pocket for the next 50 years. Or else spend more time in traffic and less with their ...

Ruling halting school voucher payments appealed

Raleigh, N.C. — The state Attorney General's Office and several parents on Friday asked that taxpayer-funded vouchers to low-income families who want to send their children to private or religious schools be paid until the legality of the program is settled.

Raleigh spa offers discounts on services for clothing donations for kids in need

Bluewater Spa in Raleigh is giving discounts on services in exchange for a clothing donation for kids in need headed back to the classroom. Bluewater Spa in North Raleigh is very popular with 40,000 clients. "Most of which are mothers, nurses, and teachers ...

Chris Edge Adds WDCG (G105)/Raleigh PD Duties

Chris Edge adds Program Director duties at Clear Channel co-owned CHR WDCG-FM (G105) in Raleigh. He replaces Zac Davis, who will assume a yet-to-be disclosed post within CCME. Edge also serves as the cluster's Operations Manager and joined the local group ...

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