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How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Flying

How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Flying?
I've flown a lot in the passed year. I've been on at least 10 different planes going from Sacramento, Ca to Raleigh Durham. Getting onto the first plane is always stressful. I hate the feeling of take off and once in the air I just want to get down. With the long flight hours (it's a 5 hr flight across the country) I just can't relax without sleeping pills or vicadin. Also I'm terrified of flying alone. I've never done it and it looks like in order to get back home to Sacramento before the end of summer thats what I'm going to have to do. I can't stand the turbulence or being in the plane cuz the space is so small. I do enjoy seeing the different states and landscape however. How do I conquer my fear? Oh I drink whiskey. That calms me down for like an hour. Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.. I'm in NC now.
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1 :
just dont be scared, lol
2 :
xanax, valium or prozac 30 minutes before your flight=)
3 : drunk
4 :
Take a good book along with you to read it helps me not to think about it.
5 :
Pray that God will keep you safe on your trip and believe that he will. Realize that God is in control. And relax You are in good hands. God Bless you and enjoy your trip Know Jesus =No fear
6 :
1. Know What To Expect Familiarize yourself with the sights and sounds of flying. Understand the bumps and movements of an airplane. 2. Understand Why Flying Is Actually Safe Consider that since 1970 the ratio of fatal events is 36 to 16 million flights! Very Small! 3. Sit On The Wing And Breathe The Fresh Air The cool air from the valve above you is a great way to chill out and relax. Open the nozzle full blast and direct it onto your face. 4. Just Pretend You’re On A Bus It sounds too simple to work, but it does. Closing your eyes and imagining that you are just taking a bus ride can really help. When it comes down to it, being on a plane doesn’t feel that much different from being on a Greyhound bus (once you’re in the air). 5. Sedatives Are Just A Doctor’s Appointment Away
7 :
just do it.
8 :
I used to drink about 4 rum and cokes and take 4 dramamine to get on the plane and by the time we landed I didn't care if I fell out the window. I hate flying...especially taking off. I don't think you ever get over the fear of flying. A couple of belts of something to calm your nerves doesn't hurt.
9 :
man !! i was the same :s ... just try to think of happy thoughts or sing it's really help ... and something else .. when you're in the plan try to take a deep breath and rlax just ignor everything around you and keep telling yourselef that " i'm strong i can do it and i'll do it no matter what" it worked for me try it believe me :D
10 :
I think what you need to do is get to the root of your fear. For example. My husband has a fear of flying. He did not always have this fear. His fear began when he became a father and started to really harness his mortality. He realized the ramifications of what could happen could he persih in a plane crash. Slowly he is letting control go and realizing these things are simply not his call. Most importantly, Vicodan, is a narcotic used to treat actue pain. It is a high dose of tylonal w/ a nartotic that can cause stomach bleeding if miss/overused. If you are having panic attcks, Xanax would be the medication a doctor can safely perscribe. I live in the RDU area. You can go to an Urgent Care center and request such meds and they will write you a small script for it.
11 :
You just need to realize some things, like first of all... Planes are DEFINATELY safer than cars no matter what people may think.. Planes are in the air where there is obviously less traffic. And if there are 2 planes going the same route in the air, there will be a beep in the pilot's area to tell them where to go to avoid them. &Think about this... The pilots fly about 10 places every day with no problems.. It's safe and it can be really fun.. Just enjoy it. Take your mind off of it with a magazine or a crossword puzzle. It is completely safe and there is NOTHING to worry about. Good luck with getting over your fear!
12 :
Systematic desensitization-its a counseling practise where the therapist can take you through very small steps to help you get over your fear

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