Thursday, April 7, 2011

know of any ferriers in NC

know of any ferriers in NC?
my farrier was in an ATV accident this weekend and they had to life flight him to a hospital...long story short, he cant ever do his work again...and i cant find anyone around the Raleigh area to do it....
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go to this link and scroll down to Raleigh. There is a farrier in that area. Not sure if it is the same one you use. If so, call your vet and see if they know of any or call a local stable and maybe you can take your horse to their barn the next time their farrier visits. Or you can just google farriers and see if you can find something that way. Good luck.
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Go to your local tack shop and ask, usually they have a bulletin board that local farriers will post their business cards. I have a really good farrier that is in Wilson, but I am not sure if he would drive that far. I am sure that their are severel good farriers in the area, especially with the NC State vet school there

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