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Questions about travelling to India from the U.S.

Questions about travelling to India from the U.S.?
I'll be going to India for study abroad program. I'll be leaving from Raleigh, NC. I have to change my flight at Newark airport. Do I need to get all of my luggage checked at the Newark Airport again once I get them checked at Raleigh airport?Do I have to pick up my bags which go in the cargo at the Newark Airport and get them checked again? or will I just get my cargo bags directly in India? Do I need to get my handbags checked again at the Newark Airport? Do I need to go through Immigration and custom? Thanks for taking time to read this and answering it.:)
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You should be able to have your bags checked through all the way to India. If you leave the terminal in Newark for any reason, you would have to go back through security and have your carry-ons checked. You will go through customs once you arrive in India with all your luggage. You won't generally need to go through US customs until you are arriving back into the states. You would then be required to take all of your luggage through whichever airport you arrive at, then recheck them for your continued flight home. Hope this helps. Have a great time! What an exciting trip.

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