Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TRAVEL TO INDIA (Best Deal) Air Fare

TRAVEL TO INDIA (Best Deal) Air Fare?
I would like to go to India on June 6th or 7th and Return on Aug. 22nd or 23rd. Could someone help me get a good airline price. I would also need a domestic flight from Charlotte, or Raleigh, NC. And my destination in India is A'bad. Last year I flew AIR INDIA and I wanted a change. Everyone is talking about Singapore Airlines and EMIRATES, is it a good airlines? Would you recommend it? Also, I am looking for something that goes directly to A'bad. If someone knows of a good website or travel agent or where I can get the best RATE. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP!
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I would use the for the cheapest option on travel to india.
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G-wiz. I really dont know.

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