Thursday, July 1, 2010

Connecting flight in Japan

Connecting flight in Japan?
Three questions: In a month, I'll be traveling to to South Korea.(Raleigh to Newark to Tokyo to Incheon) I'm flying Continental to Tokyo-Narita and from Tokyo I'll be flying on Asiana to Seoul. I know I'll get my boarding pass for Continental at Raleigh, but will I get the boarding pass for Asiana there too or do I have to get it in Japan? I booked this whole flight through Continental so I'm not sure how it works. Second question: Is an hour and a half enough time to connect in Tokyo? I know both airlines are in the same terminal but if I need to get a boarding pass will that be enough time?
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1) Just ask Continental at Raleigh your all check-in luggage straightly sent to Incheon without any intermediate baggage claim if any and issuance all boarding passes right there. 2) So you just move to the gate where you're going to leave from Narita upon arrival there. 3) As far as you prepared above procedure, the necessary connecting time as one hour and a half are quite enough at Narita same #1 South terminal.

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