Sunday, March 7, 2010

Does anyone have handbell music for the song Dueling Banjos

Does anyone have handbell music for the song Dueling Banjos?
I just heard the song Dueling Banjos performed by the Raleigh Ringers on handbells, and my handbell choir would like to know where we could find the sheet music for this (or any other song performed by the Raleigh Ringers, like We Will Rock You, Flight of the Bumblebee, Come Sail Away, etc). I have been unsuccessful at locating anything online. If you have it, or know where to get it, that would be great! I would like the arrangement done by the Raleigh Ringers, I do not want it arranged for me.
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I have no idea where you would find that, but I would definitely like to hear it! Actually, I lied. I have three ideas. 1. Go to your local music store, (if you have several, visit all of them. At least one might be able to help you) and ask customer service in their print music department. Many times, good music stores are staffed by part-timers who are also music majors or teachers, and will know what you are talking about, or will at least be able to order what you want. Often, music stores have access to publishers of all types of music, because they are suppliers to many professional musicians or ensembles. 2. Contact your local university. Someone there will probably be willing to help you. If you go to the college's website, you will probably be able to find e-mail addresses of professors, or advisors who can tell you who you should ask. 3. This one will probably work the best for you: Just contact the Raleigh Ringers and ask where they got their music. If they arranged it themselves, ask if you can buy copies of the music from them. Most musicians are pretty friendly with their peers (in this case, other handbell players) and I'm sure they will be very excited to help you out.
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Sounds like you would probably have to have someone arrange it for you. Email if you're interested!

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