Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What terminal will this flight land at

What terminal will this flight land at?
Hello, On Thursday August 26th I have some friends who will be landing in Raleigh, North Carolina at RDU airport. I am curious as to which terminal they will go to. Their flight is US Airways, Flight 6547 Operated by UNITED AIRLINES US Airways is at Terminal 1, and United Airlines is at Terminal 2. Any ideas?
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1 :
since its operated by united this mean it will be a united plane so it will come into terminal 2
2 :
If U.S. Airways puts them on a United plane, it has to dock at a United terminal. I have been put on U.S. Airways planes by United (United flight xxx operated by U.S. Airways), and I go to the U.S. Airways terminal to board. Same thing happens when I land. I hope this helps.
3 :
it landed in Terminal 2 today, so it will probably land in Terminal 2 on thursday

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