Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where can I find cheap flight tickets

Where can I find cheap flight tickets?
Where can I find cheap flight tickets from Raleigh,NC to Guatemala City, Guatemala for 4 people?
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http://www.despegar.com an airfare consolidator specialising in airfares between the Americas http://www.bookingbuddy.com a quick and thorough blitz of price and availability ITAsoftware.com found $560 if you don't mind 2 connections on outbound. Looks like this route can go to $484: http://www.farecompare.com/search/year-homepage.html?destination=Guatemala%20City,%20GT%20(GUA)&p=1&s=r&t=r&departure=RDU&type=homepage -- can also sign up there for fare alerts to your email.
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If you are willing to sacrifice your pick of airline and departure times, Priceline's Name Your Own Price will give you the best deal.
3 :
The site http://www.travelbargainsites.com lists great cheap travel sites.
4 :
Kayak.com It consolidates all the other travel sites into place. If you create an account (free) it will allow you do put in flexability to your search. It is very nice because it allows you to filter out multi stops and long layovers.
5 :
http://www.allyourtravelinfo.com/ information that may help check it out

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