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Flight Attendants needing massage therapist

Flight Attendants needing massage therapist?
Hi, I am a massage therapist in the Washington DC/Raleigh NC area. Is there a website used by flight attendants to advertise my services to them? I know a lot of flight attendants lay over in various hotels, just wondering if any would want my type of services in their hotel room during a layover. Thanks! SPA Package for Women in the comfort of your home/hotel/or location of your choosing. REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Receive a 90 Minute Swedish/deep tissue massage or the combination of the two, a full body salt glow scrub and a relaxing lavender bubble bath all included in the price. That over 2+hours of body treatment without having to go to a spa/salon. I attended massage school in Maryland, have been practicing for 10 years, certified and have worked in several salons doing massages, body wraps and salt glow scrubs. I am very easy to be around. I have a portable table, play music and light candles during the session. You must have a private area to setup the massage table without being disturbed during the session. SESSION DESCRIPTION: 1. The session will begin with a 90 minute swedish, deep tissue massage or a combination of the two. I tailor each session based on the clients request. I use scented and unscented oils. I will provide raindrop therapy as part of the session. 2. After your massage, you will receive a full body salt glow scrub. The sea salts are mixed with oil and is applied using swedish brisk massage strokes. It can be done on the table or while standing in the shower(no salt gets on the floor). This removes the dead layers of skin from the body and opens up the skin pores. This process takes about 20 to 30 minutes. 3. I will then run a hot/warm bath with essential oils to allow you to soak your skin some more. At the end of this process, you will feel completely pampered, relaxed and your skin will feel better. This session is ideal for the lady who doesn't want to go to a salon and for the female business traveler who wants to relax in her hotel room. I bring the service to you.
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I think you would do better advertising to female travelling executives...f/a's won't be able to afford you
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BEWARE that this guy is a LOSER who is so desperate to turn to on-line searches but FYI Yahoo Answers is the wrong forum to advertise and solicit this type of question that belongs better on Craigslist Personals....

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